HÕBEKALA (Silvery Fish) started as a small fish café by the sea in Hiiumaa. Legend has it that long ago a captain, having survived a shipwreck, hung a silvery fish on the wall of a local chapel here, as a sign of his gratitude. This silvery fish keeps the waters around Hiiumaa swarming with fish and brings the fishermen good fortune. To share this fortune with you, we smoke, marinate and preserve local fish, offer it in our cafe and sell it also outside of Hiiumaa.

In summer 2017 we opened a brand new HÕBEKALA Guesthouse and Café in the furthest part of Hiiumaa, at the tip of the Kõpu pensinsula. Our Guesthouse offers fully equipped rooms, a sauna, a common room with a fireplace and a spacious room for seminars and events.

Come visit us!

Hõbekala Guesthouse 
Ristna, Hiiumaa
Phone: +37256674008 (information and booking)
E-mail: info@hobekala.ee
FB: www.facebook.com/hobekalaguesthouse