Dear Guests,


There have been some changes in the ownership and management of the guesthouse Hõbekala in spring 2016. The guesthouse as well as Kalana Holiday Village (our neighbours with small red cottages in the harbour) are now owned by Maaranna OÜ. The new company will manage the future reservations and inquiries regarding the accommodation in Kalana. The guesthouse will have a new name - Kaluri Guesthouse and we will use the name Hõbekala in our summer cafe and small fish industry. You will find the contacts for accommodation and more information from website www.kalana.ee (e-mail info@kalana.ee, ph: +372 53821844).

We thank all the guests who have visited our guesthouse in last 6 years, it has been a wonderful time for us!

We hope to see you in our cafe Hõbekala (situated on a terrace in front of the guesthouse) from 22nd June to 21st August 2016! Cafe is open every day 12:00-21:00, you are very welcome!

P.S We try to change all the information about the guesthouse from the internet and catalogues, but it takes some time. We apologize for any inconviniences.

Thank you and best regards,


Kätlin Kiisk and Siim Rätsep